Agriculture And Rural Development Project

ARDP (Agriculture and Rural Development Project) Summary information

Credit to the Government of the Republic of Kosovo:

In the amount of USD 20.15 Million
Effectiveness date: May 2012
Expected Closing date: 31 July 2017
DANIDA (Government of Denmark) Additional Financing: USD 8.4 million

Project Development Objective

The Development objective of the project is to assist the Recipient to promote competitiveness and growth in different sub-sectors of Measure 101 and 103, over the next decade through implementation of selected measures of its agricultural and institutional development.

At the national level, the project will help to build capacity within the MAFRD to implement selected measures of its ARDP

At the local Level the project will support farm operators as well as commercial and semi – commercial agro – processing enterprises in Kosovo. Through the provision of rural advisory services and rural development grants, the project will seek to promote growth and competitiveness in Kosovo’s agricultural sector, thereby stimulating improved productivity, incomes and quality of life within rural communities.

Project Description